Mundos Digitales ICONO Presenta MundosEcuestres

ECUESTRIAN WORLDS in the scenarios of digital innovation #MundosEcuestres is a vision that we share from #MundosDigitalesICONO. – The Horses from many angles, from many vertices. Their riders, their horsemen, their tools and their scenarios.- From the jumping post to the competition rodeo. The circle of winners of the racecourses or the competition between the polo players. Horses, Amazons, binomials are the essence of this great digital scenario of #PersonajesdeAltoIMPACTO, as well as their equines. Welcome to the track …

By # AlvaroLópezTostado.- #EdicionesCONO. Some years ago the passion for horses’ knocked on our door, at first it was just the curiosity to ride, later to jump and a few years later for everything that involves the glamor of a whole universe where horses are present. The horse as a subject is already a matter that distinguishes those who travel between the riding schools, the stables and the forums where the horse is the reference. The voyeuristic competitions between the equines and the amazons is fucking and apart. –

The gallantry of those who make a complete 100% artistic scheme. The beauty of the horses is in their height, in their lack and in their actions making this equestrian sport the whole universe that we refer to here. For years people had horses, was part of the everyday equipment, was the means of transport or was the engine of many things. Today having or accessing a horse is a challenge, it is a luxury, it is a dream.- Here in Equestrian Worlds we know it, we ponder it and we exhibit it with pleasure, with passion and with affection for one of the animals that makes us human condition a little more sublime in all aspects. Welcome to this space of contents, in which as good gentlemen we have prepared with love, each edition that in these contexts of access to information and digital scenario, reaches all the equestrian world of the world.



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